Define Actives

People are considered ACTIVE in Rock, if anyone in the family has done at least one of the following in the last 16 months.

  • Given
  • Checked-in / Attended Group
  • Submitted a Prayer Request
  • Reading our Emails
  • Logging into Rock
  • Access to Rock (internal side)
  • Marked as Staff

Prayer Comments

Did you know that we have the ability to interact with our guests who are submitting Prayer Requests?

Imagine what it would look like to connect with your attendees who have submitted a prayer request, directing them to a next step or offering them to reading a verse in the bible!

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Kids New Family Attribute

RE: March 2020

Ministry Project Manager is working with the Kids Directors on tracking retention after a new family attends our church for the first time.  Not only that we want to specifically track how often new families return to our weekend services after they receive a new family welcome email.

Centrally we will be able to track this by running an attendance report based on ‘Kids’ that have a specific attribute added to their profile on Rock.

The Attribute can be found here:

  • Rock Profile
  • Tab: Additional Information
  • Block: Visit Information
  • Click the edit button
  • Attribute: New Family Communication

Add the date you sent the new family welcome email to that family.

This will give Central Support Ministries the ability to track new families that return AFTER they have received that email.

NOTE: March 16th we are currently beta testing at the West Toledo Campus.

Texting in Rock

Texting in Rock is a GREAT way to communicate with our teams!  And many people prefer it.  Here are a few reminders of how to keep our texts short, sweet, and to the point.   For each text we send Twillio (the company actually sending them) charges us for each “160 characters” within a text.  There are a few things that change the 160 character limit.

  1. Using an emoji in your text will change the character limit to 80. If you don’t need the emoji in a longer text refrain, but if you’ve got a short one, go for it.
  2. The crazy apostrophe’s you get when you copy something from Word also cut your character limit in half. Change those when you can.
  3. URLs – count in your character limit. If you have a long one, talk with your PM and see if there is a shorter URL that can be used.
  4. If you need to convey a really long message, consider emailing instead.  Maybe text out to check their emails for details.

Examples of those that fit within the 160 characters:

Hey Everyone! We’re getting together at Kim and Isaac’s house for a bonfire and hangout May 11@7pm. If you can make it, bring a side! -Adam 419-xxx-xxx

Student night this Wednesday at South Toledo campus. 2150 S Byrne Rd, Toledo, OH 43614 Doors open at 6:45. Event from 7-8pm. There will be Free Food & Prizes

Student night this Wed. Doors open 6:45. Event from 7-8pm. Free Food & Prizes 🍕

Examples of those that are over the 160 characters:

It’s the best night of the week!!!!!!😱🤯🙌 See you at StudentNight at CedarCreek West Campus from 7-8:30pm, 6th-12th grade. Real people for real connection. Experience the difference. You matter

We’re so excited that you joined us this past weekend for GrowthTrack! We hope you enjoyed hearing about how to find freedom. Our prayer is that you see the journey God has for you, where you are on that journey, and where to take a next step. By taking steps throughout our lifetime, we will continue to grow in relationship with Jesus. For you, a next step may be continuing GrowthTrack. If so, join us for Week 3 of GrowthTrack this weekend. The third weekend of every month is about learning how God wired you so that you can take steps toward discovering your purpose. When it’s right for you to take that step, we’d love to have you! For times and locations, please visit If you would like to get connected by joining a Group first, we invite you to check out Please let us know if you have any questions. We know God has great plans for you!

We don’t want to lose meaning in our texts. If you need it to be long, then it needs to be long. NBD!