Rock Following Notices

Did you know that Rock offers a great opportunity to ‘Follow’ people?

When you think of following… think of following someone on social media.  You will be made aware of updates to their account in Rock.

You may be wondering what things are we made aware of when we follow someone?

  • Log into Rock
  • Click your profile picture in the top right
  • Click My Settings
  • Click Following Settings

From this page, you will see a list of items you will be notified of when you follow someone!

*note* be sure to check back, we will be rolling out new and improved options for following notifications. (like completed growth track, or completed group leader agreement)

Wonder who you are already following?

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Signup Sheets

Have you ever thought about having your DreamTeam sign up for their serving opportunities instead of having you ‘assign’ them to their serving roles?  Well! You can make that happen with Planning Center Signup Sheets!

Because Planning Center has such excellent documentation on this topic already, I thought I would start by sharing their link HERE:

If you are thinking… I wonder how this applies to me?  I run a weekend ministry and want to enable sign up sheets… here are some quick instructions.

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Google Hangouts

Have you thought about hosting a small group online? Have you thought about having a web based meeting with people who are not able to physically be in attendance? We suggest Google Hangouts.

While CedarCreek Church does not provide technical support for Google Hangouts, we believe that it is an easy platform to ‘plug and play’.

Google Hangouts is FREE and allows for up to 25 people.

In order to use hangouts you must have a Google Email. After that, google hangouts can be used on any mobile devices, computer or from a web browser!

For more information about Google Hangouts – CLICK HERE

To download the plugin on your computer – CLICK HERE

We hope that Google Hangouts helps you or your small group leaders, host web based groups during our group semesters!