PCO Communication Preferences

Did you know that it is possible to select a communication preference for a unique person in Planning Center?

Its super easy!!! We like easy.

Navigate to a person’s profile in Planning Center.

Note: by DEFAULT a persons communication preference is EMAIL.

  • Click on the [Communication] tab.

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Signup Sheets

Have you ever thought about having your DreamTeam sign up for their serving opportunities instead of having you ‘assign’ them to their serving roles?  Well! You can make that happen with Planning Center Signup Sheets!

Because Planning Center has such excellent documentation on this topic already, I thought I would start by sharing their link HERE: https://pcoservices.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204262234

If you are thinking… I wonder how this applies to me?  I run a weekend ministry and want to enable sign up sheets… here are some quick instructions.

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PCO Team Leaders

Did you know that Planning Center has a position called ‘Team Leaders’? Do you know what this position does?

Each Team in Planning Center Services has a role called the ‘Team Leader”. While the team members almost never know who the team leader is in Planning Center, the Team Leader role was created so that you can assign who is receiving Scheduling Notifications for your team.

  • Acceptance
  • Declines
  • Blockout Dates

These Team Leader positions are solely managed by the local campuses or individual teams and are not managed Centrally or by the Rock Database.

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Planning Center Resource Conflicts

Have you ever tried to make a room or resource reservation in Planning Center and realized that someone else already booked the item?

In most cases you have decided to select another date or time for your event/request, you may even have tried to submit your request with the conflict but have been denied your request (probably because someone else already had the item.  Here are some good notes.

When you try to make a room or resource request, you will know that an item is already reserved because the item will be ‘hashed’ out. [///////]

If you try to reserve this room or resource, you will be given a warning that explains the item is currently already reserved and who/when it is reserved for. Within this warning you have the opportunity to cancel your reservation or accept the warning that you will be creating a conflict with another user.

If you have decided to accept the warning, the conflict approver from the campus you have selected with be in touch with an approval or denial for your request.

If you are a conflict approver and want to dive a bit deeper feel free to click for more information.

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