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Think Orange

Miscellaneous #

Experience Survey
Ministry Branding
Student Playlist
Partner Church Student Registration (FusionCamp)
Partner Church Order Guide (FusionCamp)
New DreamTeam Bags
New Student Bags

DreamTeam #

Structure Chart
Structure Descriptions
Structure Overview
Students Overview
Roles & Responsibilities

Policies & Procedures #

Student Nights
Middle School Services
Scholarship Guidelines
Communication Guidelines
Student – Leader Safety
Suicide Ideation
On-Boarding Best Practices
Overnight Guidelines
Student Night VIP Visits
Student Night Communicator Guidelines

On-Boarding & Training #

Volunteer On-Boarding
Student Team Guide
New Director Benchmark and Systems
Student Director Schedule Template
Three Hurts Conversation Guide
Grade Realignment Rollout

Abuse and Neglect #

Unattended Children
Child Abuse Training
Abuse and Neglect Standards
Abuse and Neglect Resources
Abuse and Neglect Form
Abuse and Neglect Form – ONLINE

Print on Demand #

New Student Info Sheet
Room Capacity Sheets
DreamTeam of the Month


CC Students COVID Policy
Fall COVID Group Guidelines
FM Room Capacities
Summer COVID-19 Group Guidelines

Camp Procedures #

Roles & Responsibilities

FC Policies
FC Training
FC 2020 Leader Guide
FC Health Service
FC Environmental Safety

Michindoh High Adventure
National Positive Approaches

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