Incident Forms.
Event Guides.
Vision Docs.
Think Orange.

Experience Survey.

Facilities #

Building Signage
Campus Walls
Door & Window Measurements
Room Capacity Sheets

Branding & Signage #

Campus Signage
Email Signatures
Paint Branding Colors
Ministry Branding

Finances #

Student Finances
Student Designated Finances

Students #

Student Playlist
New Student Bags
New Student Information Sheet

DreamTeam #

Structure Chart
Structure Descriptions
Structure Overview
Students Overview
Roles & Responsibilities
New DreamTeam Bags
DreamTeam of the Month
Student Team Guide

Policies & Procedures #

Student Nights
Middle School Services
Scholarship Guidelines
Communication Guidelines
Student – Leader Safety
Suicide Ideation
On-Boarding Best Practices
Overnight Guidelines
Student Night VIP Visits
Student Night Communicator Guidelines

On-Boarding & Training #

Volunteer On-Boarding
New Director Benchmark and Systems
Student Director Schedule Template
Three Hurts Conversation Guide
Grade Realignment Rollout
Staff Onboarding
Parenting with Mental Health in Mind Course

Abuse and Neglect #

Unattended Children
Child Abuse Training
Abuse and Neglect Standards
Abuse and Neglect Resources
Abuse and Neglect Form
Abuse and Neglect Form – ONLINE
Incident Forms

Camp Procedures #

Roles & Responsibilities
Family Ministries Scholarship Guide
Michindoh Map 1
Michindoh Map 2
Fusion Camp Lanyards & Wristbands
High School Camp Lanyards & Wristbands
Fusion Camp Reports & Rock Groups
High School Camp Reports & Rock Groups
FC Policies
FC Training
FC 2022 Leader Guide
FC Health Service
FC Environmental Safety
DreamTeam Onboarding
Michindoh High Adventure
National Positive Approaches
Staff Hours
Fusion Camp Background
High School Camp Background
Partner Church Student Registration (FusionCamp)
Partner Church Order Guide


CC Students COVID Policy
Fall COVID Group Guidelines
FM Room Capacities
Summer COVID-19 Group Guidelines

Print on Demand #

New Student Information Sheet
Room Capacity Sheets
DreamTeam of the Month
Student Background
Fusion Camp Background
High School Camp Background

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