Go To Meeting

We have recently changed video conferencing platforms from Join.Me to GoToMeeting.

With GoToMeeting we have a total of 5 ‘hosting’ licenses.  Each one of these licenses allow the user to host a call. (host/initiate). Each time a meeting is hosted or initiated, the call can allow for 150 callers/guests.

Here is a list of the licenses:

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Teamwork Privacy

Teamwork has very simple options to set privacy on tasks, lists, files and notebooks.

If you are an administrator on your project you have the ability to edit these privacy settings. If you are unsure who is the administrator on your project, feel free to reach out to your Project Manager.

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PCO Team Leaders

Did you know that Planning Center has a position called ‘Team Leaders’? Do you know what this position does?

Each Team in Planning Center Services has a role called the ‘Team Leader”. While the team members almost never know who the team leader is in Planning Center, the Team Leader role was created so that you can assign who is receiving Scheduling Notifications for your team.

  • Acceptance
  • Declines
  • Blockout Dates

These Team Leader positions are solely managed by the local campuses or individual teams and are not managed Centrally or by the Rock Database.

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Checkin Manager

Many of you have asked what the ‘Gear’ icon is in the lower right side of Checkin.

This gear allows our staff to do some unique items.

Most popularly, this icon allows our staff to access checkin overrides. A checkin override allows a staff member or dream team member the ability to check a guest in to a grade that they are not assigned to or are not eligible traditionally by age.

In order to override someone at checkin, follow these steps:

  • Click the gear
  • Enter your override number
  • Click Override

This will immediately take you back to the search screen.

  • Search for the guest name
  • Select the guest
  • Select the grade or room they are now checking into

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