Suggested Timeline:

April 19- May 3: Campus Pastors request feedback from Ministry Directors. Ministry Directors complete feedback. Campus Pastors meet with Ministry Directors if any of the feedback requires a conversation.

May 12 – HR assigns all reviews in Paylocity

May 13 – May 24: Supervisors complete their portion of the evaluation and communicate with their teams to let them know to complete his/her self-appraisal.

May 25 – June 5: Employee completes his/her self-appraisal.

June 6 – June 19: Supervisors have a one-on-one meeting with each of their employees to discuss the review and sign-off.


If your employee doesn’t have a Ministry Director, skip to STEP 2

Campus Pastors request feedback from each Ministry Director
Marna Ward (Next Steps DT & Groups)
Sarah Bucher (Kids)
Spencer Osborne (Students)
Emily Carney (Arts)
Bryan Bockert (Facilities)

Ministry Directors complete feedback

Campus Pastors review Ministry Director feedback. Campus Pastors will set up a meeting/conversation if the feedback requires it.

Supervisor completes his/her portion of the employee evaluation

Supervisor communicates with their employees to let them know to start his/her self appraisal

Employee completes his/her self-appraisal

Supervisors will receive an email when their employee has completed his/her portion of the evaluation

Supervisor  “makes the review visible to employee” and then reviews the ratings and comments from the employee

Employee will receive an email that the full evaluation is available for them to review

Employee will add comments in the Summary tab of items they want to discuss in the one-on-one meeting and signs off on the evaluation.

Supervisor receives an email that the employee has signed off on the evaluation

Supervisor schedules a one-on-one meeting with each employee to discuss the review and sign off

discusses the evaluation and comments from the employee. Make sure you note any part of the review in the comments where you and your employee were not aligned. (i.e. – the employee was yellow on communication and you were green. Use the comments section to put a plan in place to address and bridge this gap.)

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