Slack Shortcuts

Slack has quite a few features and shortcuts that make its usability and reach event greater.

First let’s take a second to talk about reminders. Did you know that Slack can allow you to set Reminders? By opening a channel, you can use the following text code to remind a person or group of people. /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when]

For example: /remind [@JasonJ] [Check ProPresentor] [Wednesday]

For a complete list of options when setting reminders click HERE

Now lets take a second to talk about another cool option called ‘polls’.

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Teamwork Shortcuts

This weeks Pro Tip will be short and quick.

Did you know that Teamwork Projects is built in with shortcuts? For example, you can quickly duplicate a task by hovering over the task and click the letter [D] on your keyboard. The Task will be duplicated and appear at the bottom of your Task List.

For a full list of Keyboard Shortcuts click HERE

It is also possible for you Move or Copy a Task List.

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Rock Texting

Rock Texting comes in handy when communicated with a group of people. Texting through Rock allows you to interact with your teams or guests without your team or guests knowing your cellphone number.

Here are a couple notes around Rock Texting.

1: You can text a single individual by selecting the sms messaging icon next to the persons phone number on their profile.







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Reserving a Room

Reserving a room helps our teams in so many ways

  • Helps keep local campuses organized on their events
  • Helps our receptionist answer guest questions Monday – Friday
  • Helps Guest Services answer guest questions during weekend services
  • Assists our Facilities Team know when a good time may be to replace, update or repair technology at your campus.

Did you know that you can check quickly from CreekHelp what events are happening at your campus or another campus?

  • Go To
  • Click on Calendars (in the bottom left)
  • Click on your corresponding campus

Any events listed on this tab have rooms reserved at the selected campus.

While we have videos posted HERE on how to reserve rooms, we wanted to take a quick second to review how easy it is to reserve a room:

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