iPad WebClips

Did you know that your ministry iPads have web clips.  Web clips are located on page 1 of the iPad.

These web clips are quick links to websites.  Websites are typically requested by our Senior Directors of ministry.

Some of the quick links or web clips are:

  • CreekHelp
  • CedarCreek
  • Registration Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Liability Forms
  • Incident Forms


These web clips are designed to make your ability to quickly find important links/forms faster.

If you would like additional links available on your iPad please connect with your Ministry Senior Director.

SMS Conversations

Did you know that rock allows you to have SMS conversations within the Rock Portal now?

Navigate here:

  • People
  • Communications
  • SMS Conversations

See the image below for additional context on this page:

PCO Communication Preferences

Did you know that it is possible to select a communication preference for a unique person in Planning Center?

Its super easy!!! We like easy.

Navigate to a person’s profile in Planning Center.

Note: by DEFAULT a persons communication preference is EMAIL.

  • Click on the [Communication] tab.

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Email Wizard

Have you ever tried to send an email with Rock? Ever been a bit confused on the steps you should/could take?  Hopefully this quick pro-tip will help!

In addition to this Pro Tip there is a video already created to help walk you through the steps. You can find that video HERE: https://creekhelp.com/software-tutorials/rockrms/rock-videos/?video=13089

When sending an email from Rock it is important to note that you can initiate an email 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Sending an email to a unique person by clicking ON their email directly from their profile.
  2. Sending an email to a group of people. Any time you see a list of people in rock (report, data view, group etc) you can navigate to the bottom/top right of the list and click on the ‘COMMUNICATE’ button.
  3. Sending an email by starting from the [People] tab and click NEW COMMUNICATION

Once you initiate an email from one of the 3 steps above, you will be taken into the Email Wizard.  If you do not prefer the Email Wizard, you can click the [Use Simple Editor] button in the top right. We do not recommend this, but you can do that.

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