iPad WebClips

Did you know that your ministry iPads have web clips.  Web clips are located on page 1 of the iPad.

These web clips are quick links to websites.  Websites are typically requested by our Senior Directors of ministry.

Some of the quick links or web clips are:

  • CreekHelp
  • CedarCreek
  • Registration Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Liability Forms
  • Incident Forms


These web clips are designed to make your ability to quickly find important links/forms faster.

If you would like additional links available on your iPad please connect with your Ministry Senior Director.

CreekHelp Redirects

Did you know CreekHelp has some cool and quick redirects that will help you navigate some quick pages on the site?

Here is a quick list of things that are available to you:

  • CreekHelp.com/reimbursement
    • Takes you to our reimbursement form
  • CreekHelp.com/motion
    • Takes you to our page on all things motion
  • CreekHelp.com/benefits
    • Takes you to MyAtlasLogin
  • CreekHelp.com/verizon
    • Takes you to our Verizon homepage
  • CreekHelp.com/productionshirts
    • Takes you to a link to order Production Shirts
  • CreekHelp.com/photo
    • Takes you to our Photo Consent Form
  • CreekHelp.com/support
    • Takes you to our Ticket Submission page
  • CreekHelp.com/mobilecheckin
    • Takes you to our Rock Mobile Checkin Site
  • CreekHelp.com/liability
    • Takes you to an online Liability Form for our DreamTeam
  • CreekHelp.com/onboarding
    • Takes you to our on boarding guidelines and tools
  • CreekHelp.com/assistance
    • Takes you to our monthly live support page
  • CreekHelp.com/pico
    • well… if you read all of this… you should have fun with this cool page.

CreekHelp Videos

Video Tutorials have been created as a place to make accessible all trainings and tutorials that have been made available through video format.  There are multiple ways to access Video Trainings:

  • Finding tutorials on a unique platform page
    • CreekHelp > Tutorials >Software (or another tab like Auditoriums)
    • Click on your respective platform (like RockRMS or maybe Audio)
    • Look for a link to Staff Video Trainings
  • You can also look for your video area in our video directory
  • Lastly once you are on any of our video pages, you can search/find any other video by selecting the corresponding Course/Lesson from the top of the player.

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