Google Hangouts

Have you thought about hosting a small group online? Have you thought about having a web based meeting with people who are not able to physically be in attendance? We suggest Google Hangouts.

While CedarCreek Church does not provide technical support for Google Hangouts, we believe that it is an easy platform to ‘plug and play’.

Google Hangouts is FREE and allows for up to 25 people.

In order to use hangouts you must have a Google Email. After that, google hangouts can be used on any mobile devices, computer or from a web browser!

For more information about Google Hangouts – CLICK HERE

To download the plugin on your computer – CLICK HERE

We hope that Google Hangouts helps you or your small group leaders, host web based groups during our group semesters!

Go To Meeting

We have recently changed video conferencing platforms from Join.Me to GoToMeeting.

With GoToMeeting we have a total of 5 ‘hosting’ licenses.  Each one of these licenses allow the user to host a call. (host/initiate). Each time a meeting is hosted or initiated, the call can allow for 150 callers/guests.

Here is a list of the licenses:

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Video Conferencing

Did you know that we offer a Video Conferencing platform for our staff to have virtual meetings with offsite teams or intercampus communication?

We currently offer Join.Me as a solution for your video conferencing needs.

While Senior Directors have access to the account information to initiate calls, please contact your Project Manager to schedule any calls.

We currently own 1 subscription license. This singular license allows for one call to be active at a time.

If you are a Senior Director and are not aware of this service, please connect with your Project Manager who can help get you set up with your first video based call. If you are a Senior Director and are aware of your user credentials, please make sure to maintain the schedule of when you would like to make calls through your Project Manager.

Hope this helps you connect with your teams that are located across northwest Ohio.