Planning Center Approvals | 121

Did you know that each campus has a room reservation calendar?  The purpose of a room reservation is that it gives our campuses and teams a place to manage your rooms and resources. Who is using what room on what day.  How many chairs and/or tables are needed in each room based on a specific day of week.  We previously talked specifically about reservations here.

While any one on staff can reserve a room, each campus delegates 1 or 2 people to manage the reservations at their campus. These people are specifically responsible for managing the calendar for their campus. They can approve or deny any requests. These individuals are the champion for maintaining an up to date reservation calendar.

Central Support

  • Project Managers

Central Vehicles & Equipment

  • Karen McMillian


  • Jaime Shank (CedarVille)
  • Phil  Wells


  • Noah Hagedorn


  • Sean McGee (Auditorium)
  • Cindy Casey

South Toledo

  • Chad Schramm

West Toledo

  • Libbie Hall


  • Jason Dittus

What happens when there is a conflict? When a room or resources has already been reserved, and a new reservation has been submitted for the same time or location, a conflict has been created.  The person listed at each campus has the approver has the ability to approve or deny the conflict that has been created.

If you or your team would like to learn more about getting the most out of your planning center calendar, reach out to a project manager today!