Room Reservations | 115

Did you know that we have a tool available to us that will help schedule room and reserve resources at our campuses?

You may already be familiar with Planning Center Services.  Planning Center Services is the means by which we schedule our DreamTeam, our people. But, are you familiar with Planning Center Calendar?  Planning Center Calendar is the means by which we schedule our rooms. When you think Planning Center… think scheduling.

Why is it important to schedule rooms at our campuses.  Because we are a multi-site, multi-departmental church and room reservations can help us navigate our facilities with ease. Recently I heard from a Next Steps Director who was working on cleaning up their room reservations and they mentioned; “it’s so much easier to know when I need a facilities team at the campus; it’s so much easier to remember what is going on during the week; it’s so much easier to know when staff need to be around.”

Having a clean, accurate representation of the events, meetings and services going on at your campus will help you be efficient and create a sustainable process from person to person.

Within Planning Center Calendar, you have the ability to not only reserve rooms; but you can also reserve resources.  While rooms could include things like: Lobby, Preschool Large Group, Growth Track, Auditorium etc; resources could include things like: Chairs, Tables, Coffee, Pop Machine, etc.

It is ultimately up to each campus what rooms and resources are built into Planning Center Calendar.

You can access Planning Center Calendar from Planning Center Services, by clicking on the [Services] logo in the top left corner and toggling to [Calendar]

It is also worth noting here, that we have made it very easy for you to check what rooms are reserved on any given day without logging into Planning Center. This could be particularly helpful for you, your facilities team or even Guest Services.

These links will take you directly to a page showing you reservations for today. You can toggle to any future or past date as well.


  • If you are interested in making a room reservation we did create a post on February 4th 2019 that may be of help to you. As always, your Project Manager would be happy to help train you or reserve any rooms.
  • If you or your team are interested in reviewing your current reservations and cleaning them up for 2021, now is a GREAT time!  With COVID-19 this past year, many events may have changed.  The beginning of the calendar year or ministry year are both great times to review your campus reservation calendar.