System Statuses

Have you ever been using a system or software and wondered… is something wrong?

Maybe it was Teamwork… or GoToMeeting… maybe Dropbox.

While we always encourage you to submit a CreekHelp support ticket when things are broken or not working as expected, we have also provided a quick way for you to find out if the software company themselves have issued an acknowledgement that something is not working correctly.

For example; if you feel that GoToMeeting is running slow or not working at its optimal pace, you can check by following these steps:

  1. GoTo:
  2. Click on: [Tutorials]
  3. Click on: [Software]
  4. Select the [Software/System] in question.

By doing this you will be taken to the platforms page on CreekHelp.

If a system status is provided by that software or system, we will provide a link to it from this page.

Click System Status

See the Reported Status

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