Small Group Semesters

Did you know that each Small Group and Small Group Member can (and should) be associated with a Semester?

What are semesters?

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

Why do we do semesters? Semester Groups Vision Doc

When a group is added to Rock, it is important (and required) to be given a semester designation. This allows our team to run reports based on semester groups. For example, we can run a report to see how many groups are ACTIVELY meeting this semester.  It is also important that when you have a group meeting over multiple semester, you do not remove old semester designations.  For example; lets say that a group was meeting Summer 2019.  If that group is ALSO meeting this semester you would ADD the designation of Fall 2019. Note: DO NOT delete the Summer 2019 designation.  This will allow us to track the number of semesters a group has met.

It should be noted that when a Group changes their name, purpose or leader a NEW group should be created. This is because the intended purpose of the group has changed and we would prefer that that groups ends and we begin tracking the start of a NEW group.

Did you know that you can ALSO (and should) track when a member has been part of the group? A group may occur over multiple semesters, but a group member may have only been involved in a group over a limited number of those semesters.

It is equally important that we maintain group member semesters.  Do not remove old semesters, but instead continue adding to the group semesters one has met within the group.

This information only applies to our Small Groups and not our DreamTeams.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

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