Rock Connections: Edit vs Transfer

Have you wondered what the difference between the Edit and Transfer buttons are on a Rock Connection.

Maybe you have wondered why you have to click the [edit] button to change who the connection is assigned to.

Here are a couple notes that may help you.

Lets look at a couple definitions before we begin.

Connection Type: The category that connections are built within.
Connection Opportunity: The request a guest has made in order to get connected with.

When you click the EDIT button, you can edit anything about a connection request.

  • Connector (who it is assigned to)
  • State (whether the connection is open etc)
  • Comments (the initial request)
  • Status (current status)
  • Placement Group (the group you are assigning a person to)
  • Campus (the set of groups you would like to search through for placement)

When you click the TRANSFER button, you can move the connection request to a NEW Opportunity.

When moving a connection request through the TRANSFER button, you can update the following items:

  • Status (current status)
  • Add a Note
  • Connector (who it is assigned to)

When you edit the Connector, it is important to select: [Select Connector]


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