Re-Load Rock Checkin | 107

Have you ever needed to change the configuration settings for your checkin station?  How many times have you had to find a YouMatter pen to click the [Home Button] on the iPad… Far too many I am guessing.

Well… I have good news. There is a new way to access the configuration page in Rock Checkin without using a YouMatter pen.

While in the checkin application, use your hand and touch the screen with all 5 fingers.  Touch and hold for 2-3 seconds.

After you have done this, the checkin application will change to a [Settings] page.

There are a couple things on this page that we may use to troubleshoot support issues in the future like:

  • Checkin URL
  • Label Caching
  • Camera [Front] or [Rear]

However, the setting we are looking for is [Re-Load Checkin]

By pressing this button, the checkin app will close and immediately re-open.

After your app re-opens, you will be taken back to the configuration screen.

YAY. No more pens!

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