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Recently we have started asking our DreamTeam to update us on their current serving status.  We asked them to let us know if they are back serving, would be interested in other serving opportunities, or maybe they are holding off a few more months.

It is important to us that we have an accurate picture of how many DreamTeam members are currently on our teams. However we also understand a need for our staff to know which team members may have indicated that they are not serving today, but are excited to come back as Covid-19 starts to clear up a bit.

You are already familiar with our 2 statuses that each DreamTeam member can be given on any given team.

  • Active – They are currently serving on the given team
  • Inactive – They were serving at one point on that team, but are no longer serving.

If someone has elected to stop serving in our current season, but would like to come back; we need to mark those team members as [INACTIVE].

In order to distinguish team members who are entirely inactive from team members who went inactive due to Covid-19, we have added an additional attribute for you to check √. This will help you remember which team members you should contact as our covid restrictions start to clear up.

Below I will show a few quick steps on how to mark our DreamTeam as inactive due to Covid-19.

1: Click on your DreamTeam group

2: Click on a DreamTeam members name

3: Mark them [Inactive] and mark [Yes] for Covid Inactive

You will quickly be able to see team members who are Covid Inactive on your list of team members within the group.

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