Coordinators! You’ve arrived! | 131

Have you been trying to place Coordinators, Coaches and Team Leads? Or Hub Leaders and Coaches? Are you wondering what it starts to look like when you do?

In this ProTip, Cindy Casey shares how she has placed leaders and the results she is experiencing:

As a Next Steps Director of DreamTeam, I can’t lead, equip and care for all the teams that are under Next Steps at one time. As much as I want to, I know having leaders in place opens up opportunities for others to use their gifts to lead, and for me to do what only I can do. It’s also critical towards helping each person on the team take steps on the life-changing adventure, or spiritually grow.

I start with a Coordinator. That multiplies my efforts right away because that Coordinator is thinking about, coaching and leading in that 1 area in a way I couldn’t. Finding a Coordinator first takes time with God. I pray and ask God for wisdom, then once I believe I see someone who is FAT (Faithful, Accountable and Teachable), I ask them to pray also. I give them a Role Description to review and I have the ‘I see in You’ conversation too – insuring they know all of their qualities of leadership I see, and how I can see their gifts making an difference in the mission God has given us. I also introduce them to other Coordinators to talk about the role so that they have a chance to see others who have said yes. Since I meet with the Coordinators monthly, this also gives them a chance to meet the others they would be joining. The other Coordinators end up “selling the role” to them too. This has been an invaluable part of the process for me.

Once I find a Coordinator to lead the team, care for them and meet with them regularly, I set the example of how they should lead and care for their teams by the way I lead and care for them. I communicate with them weekly, discuss the team on the weekends, discuss potential Coaches and Team Leads, and get them thinking about the big picture of ministry. The best Coordinators I have feel ownership over the team, they are leading people and are passionate about serving others as well as casting the vision of how their team helps us accomplish our mission. They are asking others to lead, developing their coaches and getting the team together to be equipped and grow as people. If we don’t have coaches yet, then it’s their team leads.

Now because of this, I get to do what only I can do which is:
* Meet New Guests
* Lead Coordinators – equipping them with everything they need to lead confidently
* Thank all of our DreamTeam for what they do – letting them know how important they are to our mission!

It wasn’t easy… but the payoffs… WOW! I love that I get to lead Coordinators, giving them the tools they need to lead, seeing them spiritually grow and keeping them informed all along the way! It’s HUGE for the weekend and our guests, watching our teams run so smoothly because of my Coordinators and the leadership structure. It’s AMAZING!

To re-cap:

  1. I recruited coordinators. I PRAY and ask God to show me who to ask who is FAT (Faithful, Available & Teachable).
  2. I make the ask (see Josh’s CreekHelp Academy class!) and ask them to pray before they say yes. We talk about what the role looks like and I give them a role description
  3. Once the Coordinator is in place, one of their first responsibilities is to recruit coaches. The Coordinator and I work together, praying and talking about who would be a good fit… (same as Coordinator, when we feel like someone will be a good fit, we ask them to pray and give them the role description)
  4. Coordinators, Coaches and myself then recruit team leads and we keep building the team together. We set a schedule a meeting and start thinking about the bigger picture.
  5. I meet with Coordinators monthly as a Next Steps Coordinator Team.
  6. It’s up to me to lead, develop and care for my Coordinators and then continue to insure they are doing that for their team.

Often people don’t feel like they are leaders or don’t feel qualified, but I remind them that God has given them gifts and wants to see them Make a Difference. As leaders, we need to identify, place and equip other leaders. Then all of get to help others discover purpose and make a difference! We can’t do it all and seeing the body of Christ work together to do all of this – it is AMAZING!

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