Shortcuts app for iOS | 135

Have you ever wanted to get to your destination faster?

Utilizing the shortcuts app which for iPhone OS, you can create all kinds of workflows to help you save time on mundane tasks you have to do all the time.

Shortcuts is a visual scripting app for iOS. It allows users to create macros(a programming language that can automate tasks for a user) for executing specific tasks on their device. These task sequences can be created by the user and shared online through iCloud as well. 

Let me walk through a  couple basic examples on how you can utilize Shortcuts. 

Download the app “Shortcuts” in your app store.

Note: This app is only on Apple products. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad can utilize this app.

After you download, If you look at the bottom of the app, there’s a tab called “Gallery” where you can look through pre-made shortcuts that can benefit many ways of life.

Personally, i have a few I use almost everyday. One is adding personal tasks to my teamwork.
Here is how to make a shortcut for adding a personal task for yourself into Teamwork.

Another way to think about if you need to make a shortcut is count how many clicks does it take to get you to a destination. Shortcuts can help make 10 clicks turn into 1. Yes it could take some time to set up and adjust, but it helps to critically think how actions can work together in order to complete a goal. 

At the end of day, it’s your decision based on how deep you want to go with Shortcuts. You can keep them simple or maybe you want to build a shortcut that allows you to text your wife when you are coming home, opens the garage door when you get within 1 mile of your house, tells your google assistant in your house to speak to the whole family that you are on your way home and plays your “Chill” playlist when your phone connects to your car!

That’s the world of shortcuts.