DreamTeam Serving at Home | 116

Do you have teams that serve from home? Maybe your prayer team… Maybe your admin team…

Have you wondered, whats the best way to make sure they are getting checked in?

Today, we have a simple solution to ensure you are able to get your DreamTeam checked in from home.

In the same way that a Small Group Leader has the ability to checkin their members of their small group when they meet or attend; those people who are marked as a [ Leader ] for their DreamTeam group have the same ability to checkin their members from My.CedarCreek.tv

From My.CedarCreek.tv, the Leader can click the respective [ DreamTeam ] on the right side panel.

Once selected on the group, click on the [ Attendance Tab ]

From the attendance tab, click on the [ + ] icon within the attendance grid.

From within the add attendance entry page, be sure to do the following:

  • Select the correct date
  • Select the correct campus
  • Select the correct schedule
  • Select those people with whom you are checking in
  • Click [ Save ]


Hope this helps you and your DreamTeam Leaders take accurate attendance and care for your teams!




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