Unattended Children
Child Abuse Training
Abuse and Neglect Standards
Abuse and Neglect Resources
Abuse and Neglect Form



Roles & Responsibilities
Experience Survey

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Next Steps

Vision Doc
Participation Sheet

Group Hub Event – Vision Doc
Group Hub Event – Marriage Vision Doc
Group Serve Day – Vision Doc
Groups – Leader Interview
Groups – Leader Agreement
Groups – Group Registration
Groups – Plan Chart
Groups – Structure
Groups – Next Steps Resource
Groups – Semester Groups Vision Doc

Groups – Men’s HUB Leader – Roles and Responsibilities
Groups – Women’s HUB Leader – Roles and Responsibilities
Groups – Marriage HUB Leader – Roles and Responsibilities

DreamTeam – Structure
DreamTeam – Coordinator Job Description
DreamTeam – Coach Job Description
DreamTeam – Team Lead Job Description
Dream Team (First Impressions) – Interview
DreamTeam Huddle – Vision Doc
DreamTeam Leader Night – Vision Doc
DreamTeam Celebration – Vision Doc

Counseling Referrals
Care Gifts – Vision Doc

Flow Chart
Wedding Application/ Inquiry (
Wedding / Mentoring Application
Wedding Process
Wedding Guidelines
Wedding Ceremony Options
Pastor Initial Meeting Summary
Wedding Admin Notes

Pre Marriage Mentoring
Flow Chart
Vision and Overview
Mentoring Leaders Onboarding and Training Process
Mentoring Leaders Job Description
Symbis Assignment Schedule – First Book
Symbis Assignment Schedule – Second Book
Symbis Get Acquainted 1st Session
Symbis Get Acquainted Summary
Pre-Marriage Certificate
Helps and Resources Guide

Pre Marriage Mentoring Forms
Mentoring Leaders Application
Mentoring Leaders Interview
Couples Evaluation

Leaders Final Evaluation

Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery – Job Descriptions
Celebrate Recovery – Org Chart
Celebrate Recovery – Staff Guidelines
Celebrate Recovery – Leadership Covenant

Vision Document – 2019

21 Days of Prayer
21 Days of Prayer – Vision Document

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