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Leader Trainer Checklist

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Evacuation Signage

Playbook Guidelines

Child Dedications

Internship & Apprentices

Vision Doc – HERE
Application – CLICK HERE
2019-2020 Donations – HERE
2019-2020 Intern Lists – HERE
30 Day Intern Check In – HERE
90 Day Intern Check In – HERE
90 Day Direct Report Checkin – HERE
90 Day Internship Director Review – HERE
90 Day Internship Director Summary – HERE
90 Day Mentor Check In – HERE

Support Raising Resources

Internship Support Raising Document – HERE
Fundraising Worksheet – HERE
Support Raising Training Video – HERE
>Course: Rock RMS
>Lesson: Staff Training Videos
>Video: Internship Support Raising

PowerPoint Examples

Support Letter Examples

Support Raising Timeline

  • First Meeting: Sunday March 24th 3:00p
  • Second Meeting: Sunday May 5th 3:00p
  • Third Meeting: Sunday June 30th 3:00p
  • $1,000 Raised by: July 1st
  • First Pay: Friday August 2nd
  • Supporters notified to cease support: May 11th
  • Last Pay: Friday May 22nd


Guidelines, Timeline and Process

Next Steps

Vision Doc
Participation Sheet

Group Hub Event – Vision Doc
Group Hub Event – Marriage Vision Doc
Group Serve Day – Vision Doc
Groups – Plan Chart
Groups – Structure
Groups – Next Steps Resource
Groups – Semester Groups Vision Doc
Groups – Winter Groups Timeline
Groups – HUB Leader – Roles and Responsibilities
Groups – Coach – Roles and Responsibilities
Groups –Group Leader – Roles and Responsibilities

DreamTeam – Onboarding
DreamTeam – VisionDoc
DreamTeam – Structure
DreamTeam – Meeting Rhythms
DreamTeam – Coordinator Job Description
DreamTeam – Coach Job Description
DreamTeam – Team Lead Job Description
DreamTeam Huddle – Vision Doc
DreamTeam Leader Night – Vision Doc
DreamTeam Celebration – Vision Doc
A-Team – Vision Doc
A-Team – Structure
A-Team – Campus Admin Role

First Impression
First Impressions Team Guide – HERE
First Impression Experience Survey – HERE

Prayer Team
Prayer Team Guide – HERE
Prayer Night – Vision Doc

Counseling Referrals
Care Gifts – Vision Doc
Care Gifts – Insights and Best Practices

Flow Chart
Wedding Process
Wedding Guidelines
Wedding Ceremony Options

Wedding Inquiry  (CedarCreek.tv)
Wedding / Mentoring Application
Officiating Pastor Initial Meeting Summary
Wedding Admin Notes

Pre-Marriage Mentoring Coaches Resources
Flow Chart
PMM Leader Onboarding and Training Process
PMM Leaders Role Summary / GT Week 4
PMM Vision and Overview
PMM Leader Training Guide

Pre-Marriage Leaders Resources
PMM Welcome Email Template
PMM Get acquainted – First Session
SYMBIS Assignment Schedule – First Marriage Book
SYMBIS Assignment Schedule – Second Marriage Book
PMM Certificate of Completion
PMM Engaged Couple’s Program Evaluation
PMM Helps and Resources
PMM Leader’s Final Report

Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery – Job Descriptions
Celebrate Recovery – Org Chart
Celebrate Recovery – Staff Guidelines
Celebrate Recovery – Leadership Covenant
Celebrate Recovery – Friday Checklist
Celebrate Recovery – Step Study Checklist
Celebrate Recovery – Newcomer Checklist

LIO Podcast – Vision Doc
LIO Daily Study  – 2020 Vision Doc

21 Days of Prayer
21 Days of Prayer – Vision Document

2019 Renewal

Serve Day
Serve Day – Vision Document 2019
Serve Day Lead – Job Description
Serve Day – What is a Campus Project

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