Weekend Language:

Why we give

  • We believe that God owns everything. Whatever we have comes from him and he offers us the opportunity to give back to him as a sign of our trust in Him. That’s why we believe giving is an invitation to trust God financially.  (If you haven’t taken that step, I would encourage you to do that today.)
  • The Bible says, “It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.” We give because God created us to give. When we give a portion of our finances away, we operate the way God designed us to operate. It’s an act that helps us to become more and more like him. We see this throughout Scripture by giving to God through the local church because the church is called to make a difference by introducing people to Jesus.
  • We give because God tells us to give. Obedience to God is the way we learn to be more like him. When we give, we are living like Jesus- who gave his life for us.
  • Singing to God is one way we worship God, because worship is more than singing. Worship is, ultimately, a way of life. When we worship, we experience joy. We worship God through music, through the way we treat other people, through our daily decisions, through prayer, and with our finances. Giving a portion of our finances back to God through the local church is a way we worship, and it brings us joy.
  • We want every person here to know God more. One way followers connect with God is through financially giving. Giving demonstrates our trust in God as our provider and is a way to know Him more.

Within all of these areas, we can be more specific with next steps, specifically with 2 types of people:

1st time call to action: If you have never taken that step, I would encourage you to start today. You can do that at ____.

Non Recurring: Some if you have taken this step before, but you are not in a consistent rhythm. We believe it’s so important to prioritize your giving. In our society, we automate what we prioritize and you can do that today at ____.


How it makes a difference

  • When you give God uses it to help introduce people to Jesus and the life changing adventure with him.
  • When you give, every dollar you invest in our church goes to helping people take their next step with Jesus.
  • God has placed us here in this region. He’s placed you here in your job with your resources. He wants us to use our resources together to make a difference. When we give, God uses our giving to radically change people’s lives.
  • There is nothing more important than someone taking their first step in following Jesus. God uses your giving to help that happen every single week.

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