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If you have the desire to, you can now print from your iOS and Android devices to our copy machines with the “Canon PRINT Business” app. Download it from the App Store or Google Play store and you should be able to press the icon of a printer with a plus sign next to it to add a printer… from there, choose “auto-search” and it should start finding printers on your network.  They go by model number… so for Perrysburg, the 6265 is what we call “Office”, the c700 is what we call “receptionist” and the 400 is in the Finance office.  For all other locations, you will probably only pull a 400 which is your local office copier.

Choose your printer and click add.  From there, you can click “Documents” to choose what to print. You can print from your local photos, from a website (you will need to copy/paste whatever article you want to print from the web into this area as you still can’t print from other browsers on these copiers), or from local files on your devices… There are other things it can print from as well such as iCloud files, Dropbox files, or Google Drive files if you log into those services.

You can also pick “Capture” and take a picture from the app and save it to your phone as a PDF, print it out, or email it directly from the app as an image.

There is a “Scan” button that could let you scan from a copier to your phone, but we don’t have the licensing to do this and it is very cost prohibitive so there are no plans to add this.

Link to App Store (iOS):


Link to Play Store (Android):


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