How to change digital name on phone display? (click to expand)

Prog/Help – Hold – ****# – 3 – 1 (replace the **** with the campus passcode)

For Passwords click HERE

How to change digital voice for directory search? (click to expand)

Prog/Help – Hold – ****# – 6 – 2 (replace the **** with the campus passcode)

For Passwords click HERE

How to forward calls? (click to expand)

1.) While at the phone in your office, press and hold one of the top 12 clear programmable keys just under the display for 2 seconds until it enters programming mode.

2.) Press the ESI-DEX button just under those on the left 5 times until it says “Feature Keys – Call Forward” and then press the now flashing programmable button to lock in that choice.

3.) Press the same programmable button 1 time and it will ask where to forward your calls to. Enter your number with a 9 first… so “9 1 419 555 5555” and then press #. The display will now read “CFWD Off-Premise” and all calls will be routed to your entered number.

4.) To disable this, press the same programmable button 1 time and press *.

How to check your voicemail remotely? (click to expand)

    1. Dial the number for your campus:
      • 419.666.0110 = Perrysburg (straight to auto-attendant and doesn’t ring the front desk)
      • 419.661.8661 = Perrysburg (rings the front desk first, and if they answer, this won’t work, but if they don’t and the auto-attendant picks up, proceed as below)
      • 419.720.8661 = West Toledo
      • 567.225.3355 = South Toledo
      • 567.246.5064 = Whitehouse
      • 567.429.7121 = Findlay
      • Oregon is out of luck… no phone system installed.
    2. Once the recorded auto-attendant starts talking, you press * and then dial your extension and press #. If it asks for your passcode, it is often your extension unless you either don’t have one or you changed it from the default.
    3. From here if you have no voicemails, it will let you do a few other things…
      • Press 1 = Set your Personal Greeting
      • Press 5 = Set your Password (not a bad idea to have one if you don’t want others in your VM
      • Press 9 = Access your VM Recycle Bin

How to send voicemail message alerts to your cell phone? (click to expand)

1.) While at the phone in your office, press “Prog/Help” on the bottom left and then press 6.

2.) Press 2 to program the phone number you wish to alert into the system and follow the prompts. Once stored, it should kick you back to the menu you were at when you pressed 6.

3.) Press 1 to tell the system what to do if you get a message. Press 1 again to set it to notify your phone you stored in the previous step… to turn this off later, you’d press 5 instead to disable it.

Quick reference sheet can be found HERE


The following tutorials are taken directly from YouTube and are not specifically our phones but work similarly.

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Voicemail – Record Name and Greeting

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