Team Leaders – Planning Center | 089

While our DreamTeam is synced between Rock and PCO. One area that is not synced, is Planning Center [Team Leaders].

You may want to take a look at your Team Leaders from time to time and make sure they are updated.

  • Click the [Plans Tab]
  • Hover over your Ministry Area [Plan Type]
  • Click the [Settings Cog] on the right side
  • Click [Teams]
  • Select [Your Team]
  • Select [Team Leaders] on the left

Anyone who needs to schedule, manage, or email a team should be assigned as a Team Leader for that team. Leaders can choose which scheduling notifications to receive for their teams.

Leader Notifications

Leaders can choose to receive accept, decline, or blockout notifications.

If a leader is set up as the Replies To person, they can receive notifications when any team members accept or decline a position or update blockout dates.

Team leader tab

Any of these options can be checked for each leader, but they only will apply if the leader is set up as the Replies To person:

  • Accept – The leader will receive an email every time a team member accepts an assignment.
  • Decline – The leader will receive an email every time a team member declines an assignment. The leader will have the option to reschedule the position from the Decline email.
  • Blockouts – If a leader is set to receive blockouts, they will receive an email every time a team member sets blockout dates.

Note: You may want to take a quick look at the [Settings Tab] for your Team as well.

Replies To Person

The [Replies To] person can receive notifications when team members accept or decline a position. You can update the [Replies To] person default for the team in the [Team Settings] or override the default for each individual person.

The [Replies To] person should be someone who is in charge of rescheduling a position if it is declined.

Update Team Defaults

The default [Replies To] person is the Current Scheduler, the person who adds a team member to a plan or template.

You can change the default [Replies To] person to a team leader or All Team Leaders from the dropdown menu in a Team Settings tab.

team settings

After changing this setting, you have the option to update anyone who is scheduled in upcoming plans. If you confirm the change, accept or decline notifications for anyone scheduled to upcoming plans will go to the new default Replies To person, unless the Replies To person is updated for an individual.

Update for Individual

You might need to change the [Replies To] person if team members need to respond to different people.

To change a person’s [Replies To] person, click their name in a plan.

Changing the "Replies To" Option for One Person at a Time

Choose the person that you want the scheduling notifications to go to for this individual, and then click Save.

replies to people

When the default [Replies To] for the team is set to Current Scheduler, the person who scheduled the individual is automatically checked.

Enable Accept or Decline Emails

If the [Replies To] person is a Team Leader, you can set which types of notifications they receive from the Team Leaders tab.

Team leaders list

If the default [Replies To] person is set to Current Scheduler, and the person is not a Team Leader, you can set their Accept or Decline preferences here.

Replies To team settings

If the the [Replies To] person is set to Current Scheduler and the scheduler is also a team leader, the Team Leader Notification settings will override the Team Settings.

Reschedule After Declines

When a person declines a scheduling request, a needed position is created for someone else to fill that spot, and decline emails include other people assigned to that position to quickly and easily reschedule someone else.

Rescheduling from the Decline email

When a Scheduler clicks a person in the list to reschedule them, the person is scheduled, and the notification email is immediately sent. The Scheduler is taken to the plan and will see a notification about the newly scheduled person.

If another Scheduler tries to fill that position later, they will also be taken to the plan but will receive a notification that the position is no longer needed and that no new scheduling emails have been sent.