Connections Flow Chart
Building Signage. Click HERE
Incident Forms. Click HERE
Event Guides. Click HERE
Vision Docs. Click HERE
Grow Leader Site
NorthPoint Partners
Think Orange

Baptism #
Vision Doc
Participation Sheet

Groups #

Growth Track #
Roles & Responsibilities

GrowthTrack Coordinator
GrowthTrack Coach

Experience Survey
Spiritual Gifts Descriptions
Spiritual Gifts One Lines
Vision Doc

DreamTeam #
DreamTeam – Onboarding
DreamTeam – Onboarding How-To
DreamTeam – VisionDoc
DreamTeam – Structure
DreamTeam – Meeting Rhythms
DreamTeam – Coordinator Job Description
DreamTeam – Coach Job Description
DreamTeam – Team Lead Job Description
DreamTeam Huddle – Vision Doc
DreamTeam Leader Night – Vision Doc
DreamTeam Celebration – Vision Doc
A-Team – Vision Doc
A-Team – Structure
A-Team – Campus Admin Role

First Impression #
First Impressions Team Guide – HERE
First Impression Experience Survey – HERE

Prayer Team #
Prayer Team Guide – HERE
Prayer Night – Vision Doc

Care #
Counseling Referrals – HERE
Counselor Application – HERE
Counselor Referral – Interview
How To – Add Counselor to Referral – HERE
Care Gifts – Vision Doc
Care Gifts – Insights and Best Practices
Financial Aid – Guest
Financial Aid – Regular Attender
Financial Aid – Active Attender

Wedding #
Flow Chart
Wedding Process
Wedding Application
Wedding Guidelines
Wedding Ceremony Options

Wedding Inquiry  (
Wedding / Mentoring Application
Officiating Pastor Initial Meeting Summary
Wedding Admin Notes

Pre-Marriage Mentoring #
PMM Vision and Overview
PMM Leader Training Guide

Celebrate Recovery #
Celebrate Recovery – Staff Guidelines
Celebrate Recovery – Leadership Covenant
Celebrate Recovery – Friday Checklist
Celebrate Recovery – Step Study Checklist
Celebrate Recovery – Newcomer Checklist

LivingItOut #
LIO Podcast – Vision Doc
LIO Daily Study  – 2020 Vision Doc

21 Days of Prayer #
21 Days of Prayer – Vision Document

Membership #
Renewal Form – HERE

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