PB AVL Maintenance

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Room Issues Model Filter Lamps Date Entered By:
Classroom 201 Reports of shutting off. Could not confirm. Cleaned filters. Auto power off was already enabled. Eiki 5000 Cleaned filters #1 -1477, #2-1499 05.03.16 BW
Large Program Room Checked lamp hours and made sure no trouble lights were on. Needs new lamp soon. Optoma EX 615 Cleaned filters 1264 hrs on lamp. 3000 life span for that projector. 11.12.14
South Atrium Lamps where close to 2000 hours and needed replaced. Ordered new ones and installed all 4 new lamps. Also installed new filter. Eiki LCXT5 Replaced filter with new Close to 2000 or over. Reaplced with brand new ones. 11.11.14
Rockwall room New Projector Optoma 12.15 S.Q.
Auditorium New Lamps Eiki HDT-1000/2000 Cleaned Filters New Lamps 12.1.14 BC
Auditorium center Put in new filter Eiki HDT- 2000 Used filter lasted 5 weeks 3.5.15 MG
Auditorium center Put in used filter Eiki HDT- 2000 New filter lasted 3 months 6.16.15 MG
Auditorium center Put in used filter Eiki HDT- 2000 Lasted 3 months 7.15.15 MG
Auditorium center Put in used filter 10/1/2015 BW and MG
Aud center Put in used filter 1/5/2016 MG
Auditorium HR Eiki HDT-1000 Lamp 2 died at 800 hours 3/10/2016 MG
Chapel Installed New Projectors Canon Wux6010 6/2016 MG
N/A Hour Check N/A N/A Center-612/612/419/612

HL-380, HR-380

10/29/19 MG

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Fixture: Serial Number: Date of Issue: Issue: Solution: Date of Solution: Notes: Spares
Maintenance By:
***All Lamps Replaced on 05/30/15*** By MG
All Movers N/a 09/15/15 Hour Check None 09/15/15 306. aprox 87 a month. Due date to change estimated at Spring 2017 (March ish) N/a MG
SR Keys (Backrow) ??? 06/24/16 Lamp Not Striking Replaced Lamp 06/24/16 Lamp Went out at 1342 Hours 3 Lamps in Shack BW
SR Keys (Floor) 4543181 06/30/2016 Lamp Reached 2000 Hours Replaced Lamp 07/02/2016 Back up and running 2 Lamps in Shack BW
SR Center (Floor) 4543199 07/04/2016 Lamp Reached 2000 Hours Replaced Lamp 07/05/2016 Back up and running 1 Lamp in Shack BW
ALL 11/6/19 Hours Check Towers: SR-1965, 1978, 1523


Air: 1011, 1364

11/6/19 Lucas E.
All Towers  11/19/19 Lamp Replacement All Towers Replaced 11/19/19 Brock W.
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